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General Warning

It was decided to make a general warning notice on the comic itself. Basically as this comic is a spin off of an online rpg that had some sticky content that we know isn't agreeable with any and everybody we decided to warn you first hand. Don't get excited there will be NO EXPLICIT CONTENT , as we do acknowledge the fact that there are some YOUNG CHILDREN who READ OUR COMIC and so keeping them in mind we do have to keep our ratings at a certain level. The ratings decided upon would be PG 13 for the highest, NOTHING BEYOND THAT . Therefore THERE WOULD BE NO:

* Graphic Nudity
* Sex
* Gross/Graphic Violence
* Explicit Language

N.B While none of those would be graphically depicted, there'll be references to them

We would also like to inform you that the main sticky topic would centre on the topic of homosexuality. Be advised "MYSTIC FANTASY" IS NOT BASED ON SAME SEX RELATIONSHIPS, be it yaoi, yuri, shounen ai or shoujo ai or whatever but there would be implications. We are not here to convert the world so do not get the wrong message. Similarly to the real world where real topics are brought up, the same would be done in "Mystic Fantasy."

Despite all of these warnings we do hope that you would understand where we are coming from and enjoy our little presentation. If not feel free to leave, we have no problem, as we understand that everybody have their differences in opinion.

This warning would be updated when information is needed to be added or subtracted

- Silvertreats

The Beginnings of Mystic Fantasy

The original Mystic Fantasy was a 30-page comic Tali and Mari entered in a manga contest in Trinidad in 2003.. It won and is currently the first chapter of the webcomic. The ideas from Mystic Fantasy (I mean the semi original ones..if you look, you'll see them, they're there..really) are based on characters and (to some extent) events that occurred in a PBEM RPG called F.R.P.G (literally Fantasy Role Playing Game) but more often referred to simply 'the FR'. This rpg started up in 2001' and was were Mari and I met. The other major player, J, doesn't have much involvement in the comic, even though her characters will come to play a large role later on. (I do try to go to her if I'm worried about keeping her characters in character, though). Why are we doing this? Well, it's fun, for one. Tali's doing it it improve her art, I'm doing it because I need to work on stories, plots, and my own art, and Mari's doing it, well, because she owns Krid and won't let us touch him. Well, without gloves on.

- Alison Hardwick


Spells and Chants