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Name: Alison

Alias:Ali, Areah, Armiece


D.O.B: 10/86

Residence: U.S.A

Contribution to the Comic: Costume Designs, World layout, Script,

Likes: MMORPGs, RPGs, Gaming in general


Fave Anime: Slayers, El-Hazard, One Piece, HunterxHunter...etc

Fave Music: No favorite music, just songs I like

Fave Movies: Lord of the Rings

Name: Maria

Alias: Mari, Silvertreats


D.O.B: 17/10/85

Residence: I live in the most southerly island in the Caribbean ^-^ Trinidad ^-^ Chars Owned: Presently I'm the proud owner of Agnes and Krid, and all characters immediately relating to them, parents etc.

Contribution to the Comic: Script, Page Layout, P.R yes you contact me if you have anything to either contribute to the comic or other general stuff

Likes: Hmm I have a number of things like. You guys really wanna know huh? Well aside from Anime, I like drawing stuffers though I'm stuck on heads, yes I decapitated all of my characters ^-^ Then there's writing, I like to put my ideas down on paper though it's ironic that I still have to actually write out the script. It's still stuck in my head people. Just pray that I don't get amnesia. I love rpgs. Yes I'm an rpg whore. In addition I'm presently experimenting with photography. Okay I love debates, especially on social issues, once I can get a good argument ^-^. I do want to refresh my knowledge on Greek Mythology and I have further intensions on learning about other stories from around the world. In all I have a lot of things I like but I think it's about time we moved on to dislikes

Dislikes: I detest people who have little or no respect for others. I dislike the fact that some people could easily discriminate others because of their sexuality, race, gender, culture, traditions; the list goes on and on. Another problem I have is the fact that people disrespect my religion. Okay I understand that you may not believe or share the same understanding that I have, but seriously drawing a picture of Jesus holding a gun or doing something obscene just seriously gets to me. I have respect for you, you have respect for me. Lastly just for the sake of wrapping this up, I am as well a bit feminist minded, so I have serious issues about the stereotypical roles of men and women.

Fave Anime: Presently I'm hooked on Naruto, (excellent anime ^-^), Gundam Wing, Kenshin, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Ranma, Trigun, Bastard, Sorcerer on the Rock, Gokudo, Lots ^^;;

Fave Music: Well I do have a liking for all types of music, though I'm not too keen on R&B, Hip Hop and Rap, presently I believe that most of the music that revolves around those genres are too degrading, though I would listen to the occasional song. I like pop, rock, alternative, techno, j-pop, classical, instrumentals. It simply depends on what songs catch my interest.

Fave Movies: Alexander was nice, King Author, LOTR, Peter Pan ^-^, Pirates of the Caribbean, Anastasia, Mulan. Lots again.

Name: Natalia

Alias:Tali, Animage, Tenkou, Angelina.


D.O.B: 3/08/ like I'm telling you how old I am

Residence: Trinidad

Contribution to the Comic: Art are and anything drawn mostly

Likes: Anime/Manga, Drawing of course, Cheesecake. Not to chatty on what I like I'm not to keen with describing myself

Dislikes:Being badgered endlessly

Fave Anime: Sailormoon, El Hazard, Yugioh, Naruto, Ah My goddess .too many to add to this list.

Fave Music: Anything but rap and dub

Fave Movies: The Ring, Nightmare before Christmas